Treat post-traumatic disorder through art



Through our project we aim to develop an innovative training package for health VET trainers to use as a basic tool to train health support staff to familiarise them with PTD and increase their skills and competences to recognise and treat individuals with traumatic disorders through proper strategies for deescalating stressful interactions 

Target Groups

To design, test and publish an innovative training package for health VET trainers, which will be their tool to train health support staff to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding about PTD and develop the skills and competences necessary to recognise, interact, and treat appropriately individuals with PTD 

To deliver training courses to directly train health support staff in a set of skills and, also, to deliver these courses to a target group of health VET trainers and health support staff, in order to amplify and perpetuate the ripple effect of those courses 

To help families/social group of individuals with PTD connect with health support staff and develop mutual trust in coping with the process and emergency situations. 

A short description of the main results

All major expected results are listed & briefly detailed bellow: 

Colour Therapy VET trainer curriculum box (IO1)

Virtual Reality scenarios (IO2)  

A digital/augmented reality software including augmented reality material and easy reading texts on methods and scenarios on post-traumatic disorder and treatment. It will include learning material for the development of transversal skills and training content adjusted to the specific needs of our target group  

Psychotherapy methodology and Therapist Manual for the working groups on how to treat posttraumatic disorder through colour therapy (IO3) 

Training-the-trainers: training event for health VET trainers, C1  

Training the trainees: training event for health support staff, C2  

4 multiplier events for health professionals, decision makers, and health specialists 

Choose the language you want to read the curriculum:

English,  Greek,  Spanish,  Romanian,  Turkish

Click here to download the app

The instructions for uploading the app to the Oculus glasses:

  1. Download and install the Meta Quest Developer Hub (MQDH) on your computer using this link:
  2. Connect to the MQDH using your facebook/meta account and password or creating a new one.
  3. Connect the Device to the computer via the Type C – Type C cable which can be found on the Oculus charger
  4. On the MQDH go to Device Manager and, with the Device connected to the Computer, look to the upper right corner of the screen for a button Called “Set up a new device”. Follow the steps mentioned there for registering your device on the application (during this process, you will need to put on the headset and Accept the whole process from within the headset system)
  5. Download the Colour Therapy App, from the Google Drive to the Computer.
  6. On the Device manager screen from MQDH, with the headset connected via cable, Now, in the upper right corner there should be your device listed in the place of the “set up a new device” button.
  7. Just below the name of your device, there is an “Upload” that you need to press. On the next screen, find on your computer the downloaded application select it, performing the upload process.


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